At Leanne’s School of Dance, students will not only learn dance movement and techniques, but they will also learn responsibility, self-discipline, and body movement awareness in a safe environment. It is important that the student understands the importance of respect and attitude and an overall awareness of self- pride.

Leanne Cronbaugh and Abby Kasper, artistic directors and creators at Leanne’s School of Dance have a mission: to provide students an educational and fun filled experience that will plant seeds of self expression, confidence, creativity, and a freedom to explore through the art of dance!

Leanne’s School of Dance is a professional organization and dance education center. We value students at Leanne’s School of Dance and we are eager to leave a positive, lasting imprint in their hearts and souls!

about Leanne's school of dance

We offer a variety of classes from ages 2–adult, and we're proud to teach dancers of all skill levels - beginner through advanced.

offering classes for all levels

Ballet  •  Pointe  •  Jazz  •  Hip Hop  •  Tap  •  Lyrical  •  Tumbling  •  Baton  •  Adult Jazz  •  Adult Tap  •  Yoga  •  Country Heat  •  Ballet Technique

Offering a Variety of techniques